The Impact

Providing children with customized wheelchairs increases their mobility and:

  • the likelihood that they will attend school
  • their health by eliminating complications due to poor posture
  • the change that they will get out of poverty
  • their parent’s ability to maintain employment as the need for home care decreases
  • their interaction with friends and the larger community
  • the health of their families as they are less likely to have accidents relating to trying to move their child
Plus, with the chairs being built locally, they are easier to repair and are providing jobs and building awareness for people in the community.

Pamela began life by being carried around on her mother’s back. This was the only way she could get around. When her mother got a hernia she was told that she could no longer carry Pamela around which limited her world to what she could see from her bed. With her wheelchair, Pamela can again see the world – and it is much easier for her mother to take her to therapy appointments.