The Process:

Each child goes through a process to determine their unique needs.
This process includes:

  • Identify: the child is identified and entered in our system. From this point forward, they have one record that everyone who is involved in the process updates and can access.
  • Connect: our system connects each child with the donor who will be sponsoring their wheelchair. This allows sponsors and families to communicate.
  • Evaluate: local therapists perform a comprehensive evaluation of the child’s wheelchair needs and enters the data into the system. Since they live in the area, they are best able to determine environmental and cultural factors that need to be taken into consideration for each chair.
  • Design: a blueprint is generated for the chair passed on the information entered by the local therapist. The unique software designs a custom wheelchair that fits the needs of each user.
  • Review: each blueprint is reviewed by a second rehab specialist, via the internet, to provide quality control and mentorship for less experienced therapists.
  • Create: after the design is approved, it is sent to local manufacturers who build he wheelchair frame and seating cushions. Each frame takes about ten hours to build.
  • Mobility: the child has a new, custom chair that is made specifically for them to optimize their independence.

Jean Pierre was born at 6½ months. He was very fragile when he was
born. With four siblings, Jean Pierre needed a wheelchair so that his
mother could easily transport him around their home as well as the
community. With his wheelchair, Jean Pierre is able to get around
home and play with his siblings.