Training & Resources

Mobility is a human right. Based on the UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Parties shall take effective measures to ensure personal mobility with the greatest possible independence for persons with disabilities, including by:

  • Facilitating the personal mobility of persons with disabilities in the manner and at the time of their choice, and at affordable cost
  • Facilitating access by persons with disabilities to quality mobility aids, devices, assistive technologies and forms of live assistance and intermediaries, including by making them available at affordable cost
  • Providing training in mobility skills to persons with disabilities and to specialist staff working with persons with disabilities
  • Encouraging entities that produce mobility aids, devices and assistive technologies to take into account all aspects of mobility for persons with disabilities

Elber is unable to move himself. When he wants to get somewhere in his home, he has to push himself around with his head. Elber has three siblings, which his mother supports by herself. She worries about Elber every time she has to leave for her job. With his new wheelchair, Elber is able to receive better care and easy his mom’s worry.